Get To Know Us and Our Love of Diving

We believe the best training doesn’t just come from reading and simulation exercises, but by experiencing how a dive center operates on a day to day basis and assisting the instructors as they train real students in their diving courses.


The three point base of the Roatan Divers Divemaster training program is Safety, Teamwork and Personal Attention.


divemaster training roatan safety


Roatan Divers emphasizes the safety of our guests and staff as our greatest priority. We are proud to offer two of the best equipped boats around, skippered by experienced and licensed captains. We have all necessary safety equipment on board, such as VHF Radio, cellphone, fire extinguisher, spare anchor, life jackets, 100% Oxygen and first aid kit.

Our staff is trained in emergency management, and we follow safe diving techniques in all of our training and guided dives.

Our air is tested quarterly by Trace Analytics Labs in Texas, USA, ensuring that clean, dry air is being pumped in to our tanks every day. All of our tanks, regulators, BCDs and other equipment is serviced by trained technicians on a regular basis for your safety and convenience.


roatan divers tearmwork


A big part of the Divemaster program is learning how to work in a dive center, and working in a dive center is both a demanding and rewarding job, both physically and mentally. You will work hard and learn a lot, but you will do alongside our experienced and passionate team of PADI instructors, who will guide you, push you and root for you. We believe in hands on learning, so you will be a member of the Roatan Divers team when you sign on for your Divemaster program. Our guests don’t know the difference between an instructor and a DMT (Divemaster-Trainee), all they know is that you are a representative of Roatan Divers, and you will be held to the highest standards of performance accordingly.

We all love what we do, and our instructors pour a lot of themselves into the DMT program because they want to pass on their passion and love of being a professional diver to others. We expect you to work hard and learn everything you can from them, but also to have fun!


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personal attention

We do not train more than three Divemaster candidates at a time, giving you optimal personal attention and care. You will have one main mentor in the course but will work with all of our instructors so that you can learn from all of them. We believe in devoting our time and energy to create and mold good Divemasters who are highly employable, and therefore choose to keep our numbers small to be able to give each Divemaster candidate the care that they need.

Before I came to Roatan I didn’t really know which dive shop to choose for my dive master course. The people, the professionalism, the courtesy, the equipment, the fair prices, everything was top notch! It was a long course and I enjoyed every single second of it. If you want good value for your money, choose Roatan divers you will not be disappointed!
— Tal M, Divemaster Trainee June 2016

Have you ever wondered where we're located? We're located in the heart of West End, on the beach next to Ginger's Caribbean Grill and West End. Our private dock makes boarding our boats a breeze, and our prime spot on the beach allows us to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the main road of West End.

Environmental Responsibility 

Part of being a PADI professional is advocating for the underwater world and its conservation. We teach and encourage environmental responsibility so that you can pass on this knowledge and passion to your divers. 

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Roatan marine park 

Roatan Divers is a proud Bronze member of the Roatan Marine Park, as well as an active supporter of the park through selling Roatan Marine Park daily tickets and yearly bracelets. We enjoy teaching all of our divers about the important work that the Roatan Marine Park does and hope to inspire our divers to be as passionate and excited about the park's work as we are.

We regularly participate in beach and reef cleanups and endorse restaurants that support the Sustainable Seafood Guide and are strong advocates for sustainable and seasonal seafood. We encourage environmentally friendly dive practices and responsible tourism from all of our guests. As a Divemaster in training you are often viewed as a member of the staff so you will be an important source of information to many of our guests. We are hoping you share a passion for this like we do!