Mona & Sam are PADI Divemasters!

Congratulations to Mona & Sam for completing their PADI Divemaster certification with Roatan Divers!

These two divers came to us from different backgrounds and experience levels, but boy did we sure love having both of them part of our dive center. Mona is a working professional and was able to carve out enough time from her schedule to do this bucket list item. Sam came to us from across the pond and when arriving on Roatan, he had never been diving before!  Sam's journey with diving started by him completing his PADI Open Water course with us and after that, well the rest is history. 

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Roatan Divers April IDC

We are happy to announce that Roatan Divers' next PADI Instructor Development Course will be in April! The IDC will go from April 7th through 18th, with the PADI Instructor Exam taking place on April 19th and 20th. Course Director Pete will be taking the helm once again, offering a professional and personalized IDC that will develop you into the best instructor you can be!

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Mike & Luke are PADI Divemasters!

Congratulations to Luke & Mike for completing their PADI Divemaster certification with Roatan Divers!

Luke hails from Canada and after hearing many a positive word about our special island, here he was ready to do some warm water diving. Mike migrated here from Germany and started his Divemaster with another shop that wasn't the right place for him so he transferred over to us. We were thrilled to have him. Both of these gentlemen were eager students ready to soak up all the diving knowledge that came their way. 

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Sam & Moe are Rescue Divers & Emergency First Responders!

Congratulations to Sam and Moe for completing their Emergency First Response and PADI Rescue Diver certifications with Roatan Divers! They are here in Roatan to do their PADI Divemaster course, and being Advanced Open Water Divers, taking the Emergency First Response and PADI Rescue was the next step before being able to officially being their Divemaster training. 

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Meet Rosie: From Divemaster to our premier IDC Graduate

Congratulations to Rosie! She is Roatan Divers first graduate from our 5 Star PADI Instructor Development Center. Rosie started her PADI Divemaster with us in September before becoming our first candidate to do her Instructor Development Course (IDC) this November. We have very proudly watched her grow as a diver and as a professional over the last few months, and know she's going to do Roatan Divers and PADI proud as she navigates the world as a PADI instructor.

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Silvia, Hanna, & Danny are PADI Divemasters!

Congratulations to Hanna, Silvia, and Danny for completing their PADI Divemaster certification with Roatan Divers!

Hanna hails from Sweden, Silvia resides in Germany, and Danny lives in Texas. Together this international trio embarked on their journey to become a PADI Divemaster. Hanna and Silvia arrived in Roatan within days of one another and knew they were ready to start the Divemaster training. Danny, who is a long time veteran of Roatan Divers, arrived just a week later. The timing coincided well that all of these candidates could learn, practice and grow as a team. 

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Affordable Long Term Living on Roatan

West End is a very affordable place to be, with a variety of food and accommodation options to cover the full range of budgets. With a huge expat community, it’s been designed to cater to both short and long term people, but it’s still important to think about allocating your budget differently since we can’t splurge like we’re on vacation forever! Let’s talk about some tips we have for affordable long term living on Roatan to make your dollar go further.

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