"The Point" in West Bay, Roatan.  [Photo Credit]: Roatan Drone Services 

"The Point" in West Bay, Roatan.  [Photo Credit]: Roatan Drone Services 

Half Moon Bay, West End, Roatan.  [Photo Credit]: Roatan Drone Services 

by plane

We are accessible by direct international flights from San Salvador, Belize, Houston, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Toronto and Quebec. The following airlines offer services fly to Juan Manuel GΓ‘lvez International Airport (airport code RTB) directly here on the island.

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Avianca 
  • CM Airlines (this carrier offers regional flights to the island from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Belize, Guatemala & El Salvador) 

All private taxis that leave from the airport are $25 to West End, slightly more if you're going to West Bay. If you leave the airport and catch a taxi from across the street, you can get "collectivo" pricing for about $5 per person to take you into town, but that requires you to know what to ask, what taxi to find, etc, so if it's your first time on the island it's better to just take the private taxi so that you can start your vacation on a smooth, easy note.

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by ferry

The Galaxy Wave offers ferry service twice daily to Roatan from La Ceiba, on the mainland of Honduras. Travel time is about 70-75 minutes one way. To see their schedule and pricing, please click here

The Utila Dream offers ferry service from to Roatan from Utila. To see their schedule and pricing, please click here. 

The ferry Terminal is located in Dixon Cove, which is just east of Coxen Hole. You can catch a "collectivo" taxi from the ferry port for $5 per person (make sure to haggle down to that price) or a private taxi for $25 to West End. You might balk at the price, but it's 18 miles from the ferry port to West End, so it's not exactly a short trip. Remember, transport will not be as cheap on the island as it is on the mainland because our distances are longer and it's an island.

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